Highly Sensitive People and Anxiety

There is a connection between anxiety and high sensitiveness.

Highly Sensitive people have a vivid imagination and a rich inner life. It is a gift that makes them creative and able to see new possibilities. On the other hand, highly sensitive people are also extremely good at imagining what could go wrong.

It is actually an excellent gift to have. Not everyone has it and those that don’t, often get into trouble. When you have a talent for creating images in your mind and can picture good and bad things, you will experience more anxiety than most people.

The Danish philosopher Søren Kierkegaard believed that anxiety is a signal that the spirit is waking up. Then you are on the right track – that is to become you and take a personal responsibility for your own life as supposed to following the crowd and act like everyone else.

Unfortunately, in many cultures there is a tendency to regard people with anxiety as weak, and many people with anxiety feel inferior and are ashamed. They believe that it is wrong to show insecurity.

I hope and believe that this attitude is about to change. Personally I feel really well in the company of people that are good at fantasizing, seeing new possibilities and feeling insecure.

People who rarely feels anxiety has often not understood reality correctly. Life is dangerous. We will die someday. We don’t know when. To be aware of the limited time we have can give intensity and presence in our lives and in our relationships.

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