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  1. Dear Ilse!
    I have read your book over and over again The first time I was so surprised that anyone could know me that well. I underlined everything that is me and that was lots. It feels so good to read that I am not such an odd person just high sensitive. What a difference! I start to accept myself and choose my way of life after 63 years. I hope I one day even can be satisfied and proud of who I am and not ashamed and disappointed as I used to..I think this book is very important and I want to tell people about it.

  2. I consumed this book almost in one go – I found it very well written, easy to read and understand.
    The book contains a nice mix of examples from real life as well as Ilse’s own lovely honesty.
    This book will accompany me throughout my life.
    I look forward to reading it again – more slowly and spending more time on the details.

  3. Dear Ilse,

    Thank you a lot for helping me discover myself at the fullest.

    I was very surprised to found out that many “strange” features of my character are gethered under one description – “highly sensitive person”. And this is exactly the reason why it is so hard to me to live under some circumstances and feel so different vs.majority of people.

    Your book is wonderfuly. I will try to implement your advices and come back to it again and again when feeling bad.

    Thank you.

  4. Dear Ilse

    I was very happy to find your book ‘the emotional compass’ came out in English. I ordered it and began to read. At first I found myself being defensive and thought ‘this isn’t for me.’ But since I enjoyed your first book I decided to give myself and the compass book another chance.

    I did the suggested exercises to my great big benefit.

    Thank you for writing these important and valuable books for us sensitive people. I really appreciate all the deep thought that went into making the emotional compass so accessible to read.


  5. Dear Ilse,

    I have just read your book in the German version and I am fascinated.

    Why? It is because I know already more than 3 years about my High Sensitivity and I have read a lot of books and articles about it – and of course met a lot of other HSP’s.
    But: I have never read a book which give me such an efficient insight and self-help than yours. Your words are so straight forward and reaching directly my soul and the bottom of my heart. Thanks for that!
    Even after 3 years knowing about my High Sensitivity I have learned new things, like e.g. the level of discussions or how to cope with anger. I will definitely read your book again and again and again. It is because your words are so deep that I have to practice those new learnings in my daily life.
    You have written a book which really gives the essence on High Sensitivity without loosing into too much detail (as it is very often the case in other books about HS). You really describe the most important parts to know and to integrate High Sensitivity positively in my life.

    I wish you all the best – take good care 🙂


  6. I can’t write English well.
    I’m a Japanese woman.
    I have serious problem of my life.
    I read your “Come closer” in Japanese version.
    I feel better.
    Thank you very mach.

  7. Dear Ilse
    I’m french. I read your book”‘highly sensitives”??? or “hypersensibles ” in french. I was very happy to read it. It made mee feel better.

  8. Dear Ilse,

    I bought the Italian version of your book yesterday, read 66 pages in no time int he evening, and I already feel that it helps me a lot. It calmed me down and know it will help to understand and accept myself better and to act in such a way that this characteristic doesn’t get in the way of positive relationships and relaxing being-on-my-own!

    Thanks Ilse, I really love the simple, clear and profound way you get the reader through you book.
    When I finish it I might want to add another comment.

    Thanks again,

  9. Hi,
    thank you so much for your book(s), they help me so much to understand myself and accept my characteristics.
    I always felt to be some kind of different to other people in many ways. Now I know that also others are like me.
    All the best from Austria.,

  10. Thank you for helping me understand myself and for reassuring me that I am not alone. I am now beginning to accept who i am and to find happiness living how i need to live.

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