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Highly Sensitive People and Anxiety
Highly sensitive people have a lively fantasy and a well developed imagination.
This is often what causes us to get very inspired.
It is easy for us to imagine new possibilities, as well as what can go wrong.
And this increases anxiety.
To be highly sensitive is not the same as being anxious, depressed or shy.
It is important to differentiate, because anxiety, depression and shyness can be treated. A person’s character trait cannot.

Highly sensitive people anticipate possibilities and problems and take them into account
Highly sensitive people hate unpleasant surprises.Proactive mastering means that one anticipates problems before they happen.
It is a very good talent to have. Things are less likely to go wrong. And it is also a good thing to be able to switch it off.


Highly sensitive people have a particularly sensitive nerve system
They pick up on many things and are deeply affected by them. On the video below Ilse Sand speak about how they sometimes feel like the canary in the mineshaft, because of their particularly sensitive nerve system.


What’s a good job for a highly sensitive person?
It can take a long time for highly sensitive people to feel comfortable in the workplace. There are many niches into which we don’t fit. Jobs in which we can never be alone or are too noisy aren’t a good fit. One person had to quit because a radio was on all the time. He couldn’t tune out the noise. Many jobs aren’t a good fit. Many highly sensitive people change jobs and try different things until they find their niche. What’s a good job for a highly sensitive person? In the video, I tell you which jobs work well.


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