On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person

This Book is available in English, Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, Turkish, Italian, Dutch, Romanian, Czech, Russian, French, Vietnamese and Danish.
During  2023 it will be published in Ukrainian.

English flag The English edition

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Title: On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person
– a guide to boundaries, joy, and meaning
April 2018
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Vietnamese flag The Vietnamese edition

Publisher: Nha nam publishing and communications jsc
Title: Dám Sống Hướng Nội Và Cực Kỳ Nhạy Cảm
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Taiwanese flag The Taiwanese edition

Publisher: Sun Color
March, 2018

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Russian flagThe Russian edition

Publisher: Alpina
Title: Дистанция счастья
Правила гармоничной жизни для интровертов и сверхчувствительных людей
August 2020
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Korean flag The Korean edition

조용해도 민감해도 괜찮아
흔들리지 않는 내향인의 인생살이법

Publisher: HANBIT BIZ
September 2019
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Japanese flag The Japanese edition

Publisher: Discover 21.
June 2018
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Chinese flag The Chinese edition

Publisher: Beijing Zito Books Co., Ltd.
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Turkish flag Turkish edition

Title: İçe Dönük ve Hassas İnsanların Gücünü Keşfetmek
Publisher: Sola Unitas Academy
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May, 2021

Italian flag The Italian edition

Publisher: Edizioni il Punto d’Incontro
Title: L’Introverso Felice
Come rendere ipersensibilità e introversione i tuoi punti di forza
December 2019
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French flag The French edition

Publisher: Guy Trédaniel.
Title: Hypersensibles et introvertis – Comprendre votre différence pour en faire une force
June 2022
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Dutch flag The Dutch edition

Publisher: Panta Rhei Publishers
Title: Over introvert of hoogsensitief zijn
Spring 2018
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The Romanian edition

Publisher: Editura ASCENDENT
Title: Ghid pentru oameni introvertiti si hipersensibili. Cum sa-ti creezi o viata cu sens si cu bucurie
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Januar 2020

Czech flag The Czech edition

Publisher: EUGENIKA
August 2020

Danish flag The Danish edition

Danish title: Introvert eller særligt sensitiv – guide til grænser, glæde og mening.
(Introvert or Highly Sensitive – guide to boundaries, joy, and meaning)
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The following editions are on the way but have not yet been released

Ukrainian flag The Ukrainian edition
Publisher: Alpina
More information will follow.

Review in Professional Journal for
Danish Psychotherapists

Ilse Sand, a former parish pastor, author, and psychotherapist MPF, has once again written a fascinating book, well worth the read, called On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person – A Guide to Boundaries, Joy, and Meaning.

It is a small, easy-to-read book for highly sensitive and introverted persons. It grabbed me already in the introduction, where Ilse Sand begins with accounts from her own life. She quickly describes the highly sensitive, introverted personality in contrast to the extroverted, so that I, as a highly sensitive introvert, felt great personal recognition. I had been seen. I was among likeminded people.

In the first chapter, Ilse Sand describes the introverted personality type, the highly sensitive trait, and the high-reactive temperament. She demonstrates similarities and differences seen in the definitions of C.G. Jung, Jerome Kagan, and Elaine Aron. The many good, descriptive examples from everyday life and statements from clients make the material pertinent and easily understandable.

Chapters 2-8 are a guide with good advice on living with your character trait. It is important to see the strengths in sensitivity and to use them. Important to go from feeling like you are ‘wrong’ to thinking that others are viewing you wrong. The responsibility for the ‘wrongness’, then, has shifted.

There are many pieces of practical advice that can be used in our everyday lives, so that we become better at setting our own boundaries and protecting ourselves in a noisy, bustling, and impulsive extrovert world.

With her instructions, Ilse Sand provides encouragement and hope for highly sensitive and introverted people, so that, with less shame – or without any – we can better experience joy and meaning.

Chapter 8 provides an important contribution in being able to accept yourself. Ilse Sand demonstrates how important the use of language is: for example, “Extra sensitive – not oversensitive”, “Different – not wrong”, and “Well-considered – not boring”. At the end of the book, there are two tests, so you can test yourself and get an indication of how sensitive you are and how introverted or extroverted you are.

Ilse Sand is professional, wise, and knowledgeable. She writes with great empathy and kindness with many references to experiences from everyday life – both her own and others. I myself enjoyed reading the book very much and recommend it happily to clients, colleagues, and others. You can also benefit from reading Ilse Sand’s first book Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life, but it is not a prerequisite for making sense of or getting pleasure from this book.

In short: The book is warmly recommended. Happy reading!

Tidsskrift for Psykoterapi [Journal for Psychotherapy] no. 1 (2018).

About the book

On Being an Introvert or Highly Sensitive Person
– a guide to boundaries, joy, and meaning

This book is written for highly sensitive people and introverts. However, its advice and instructions are also quite applicable to people who are temporarily or, for some other reason, in a sensitive situation – for example, because of stress, trauma, or burn-out.

The first chapter describes the introverted personality type, the highly sensitive trait, and the high-reactive temperament.
The following chapters contain good advice and concrete suggestions for how to set boundaries, protect yourself against overstimulation, stand up for yourself, enjoy the company of others in your own way, and find joy and meaning.

At the conclusion of the book, you will find two self-tests to give you an idea of how introverted or sensitive you are.