Helping Through Conversation

Specific advice, ideas and instructionsk

The book is released in English, Danish and Russian.
During 2023 it will also be available in Taiwanese, simplified Chinese and Dutch

The English Edition

Release 8th of may 2023
Title: Helping Through Conversation: Specific advice, ideas and instructions
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The Danish edition

Publisher: Dansk Psykologisk Forlag
Sådan støtter du med samtaler, der virker
(HELP YOUR NEAREST PEOPLE – how to support with conversations that work)
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The Russian edition

Publisher: Alpina Publisher
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The Taiwanese edition


Help For Your Nearest People:How to support with conversations that help

Publisher: Business Today Publisher
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The Dutch edition

Publisher: Panta Rhei Publishers

Title: De kunst van een goed gesprek
Hulp bieden door effectief communiceren.

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The following editions are on the way but have not yet been released

The simplified Chinese edition
Publisher: China Science and Technology Press Co.


About the book:

For you, who wants to increase your ability to help people around you

This book is a practical guide on using specifically selected, simple psychotherapeutic methods in supportive dialogues, whether in a kitchen, on a hiking trip or at a patient’s bedside.

It could be when a good friend ends up in a bitter divorce, your spouse has problems, or a person at your workplace grieves. Asking the right questions is much more important than having the right answers.

In this book, best-selling author Ilse Sand shares her life-long experience helping others through conversation. She provides specific tools for asking beneficial questions, dealing with shame and fear, finding a more intimate and heartfelt way to talk about the problem, and focusing on life principles that box up another person. These techniques can give you and whomever you’re helping more space, meaning, and direction in life.

You can also use the tools in the book in your own life.