Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life

The book is available in English, Spanish, German, Russian, French, Japanese, Polish, Italian, Chinese, Simplyfied Chineese, Portuguise, Turkish, Dutch, Vietnamese, Czech, Hungarian, Korean, Danish, Romanian, Norwegian, Estonian, Lithuanian, Latvian, Greek and Swedish.
During 2024 the book will be published in Ukrainian.


World-famous artists have recommended the book. Among others the Japanese acress Yuriko Ishida and the Korean boyband BTS.

Publishers all over the world and where to buy it

English flag The English edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People

Publisher: Jessica Kingsley Publishers.
Title: Highly Sensitive People in an Insensitive World: How to Create a Happy Life
June 2016
Original Danish title: Elsk dig selv – en guide for særligt sensitive og andre følsomme sjæle.
(Loving Yourself – a guide for highly sensitive people and other delicate souls)
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German flag The German edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People

Publisher: C.H.Beck.
C.H.Beck is the leading German nonfiction publishing house.
Title: Die kraft des fühlens – Hochsensibilität erkennen und positiv gestalten.
September 2016
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Japanese flag The Japanese edition


Publisher: Discover 21.
October 2016
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French flag The French edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People

Publisher: Guy Trédaniel.
Title: Hypersensibles – Apprendre à s’aimer soi-même pour être heureux
May 2016
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Danish flag The Danish edition

Elsk2udgave forside 72dpi
Publisher: Ammentorp
Title: Elsk dig selv – en guide for særligt sensitive og andre følsomme sjæle.
(Loving Yourself – a guide for highly sensitive people and other delicate souls)
Second edition december 2014
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Chinese flag The Chinese edition

Publisher: Beijing Zito Books Co.
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September 2017

Taiwanese flag The Taiwanese edition

Publisher: Sun Color Culture Co., Ltd
July 2017
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Estonian flag The Estonian edition

Publisher: Pilgrim Group OÜ
February 2016
Title: Armastades iseennast
– Teejuht ülitundlikele ja teistele õrna hingega inimestele
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Spanish flag The Spanish edition

Una gu¡a para personas altamente sensibles y para gente vulnerabl
Publisher: Obelisco
Spring 2020
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Dutch flag The Dutch edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People
Publisher: Panta Rhei Publishers
June 2016
Title: “Hoogsensitiviteit in het dagelijks leven
– een gids voor hoogsensitieve personen en mensen met een gevoelige aard”
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Russian flag The Russian edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People
June 2016
Publisher: Alpina Publisher
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Turkish flag Turkish edition

August 2018
Publisher: Sola Unitas Academy
Title: Sevmeye Kendinden Başla
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Polish flag The Polish edition

Book about Highly Sensitive People

Publisher: MT Biznes sp. z o.o.
Title: Wrażliwość: dar czy przekleństwo?
Przewodnik życiowy dla osób wyjątkowo wrażliwych i innych pięknych dusz
June 2016
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Italian flag The Italian edition

Italiensk forside

Troppo sensibile
Come fare dell’ipersensibilità la tua forza

Publisher: Erickson
Erickson is the leader in Italy on subjects such as education, psycho-educational development, rehabilitation and inclusion of people with disabilities, social work, is also a prestigious training centre in Italy.
October 2016
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Hungarian flag The Hungarian edition

Title: Szeresd önmagad! Útmutató szuperérzékenyekhez és más sebezhető lelkekhez
Publisher: Saxum
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September 2016

Portuguese flag The Portuguise edition


Title: Ama-te a ti Mesmo – Um Guia para Quem é Hipersensitivo ou de Índole Mais Sensível.
Publisher: Editora RH
November 2016
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Czech flag The Czech edition

Title: Přecitlivělost není slabost.
Publisher: Portal
Portál is a leading Czech publishing house in the fields of psychology, psychotherapy, pedagogy, parenting, social work, guidebooks and spirituality.
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October 2016

Swedish flag The Swedish edition

Elsk2udgave svensk forside 72dpi
Publisher: Ammentorp
Title: Älska dig själv – en guide för särskilt sensitiva och andra känsliga själar.
Second edition 2015
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Lithuanian flag The Lithuanian edition


Title: Mylėk save: vadovas jautriems žmonėms ir jausmingoms sieloms
Publisher: ZPS
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October 2016

Norwegian flag The Norwegian edition

Publisher: Conflux
Title: Aksepter deg selv – En veiledning for høgsensitive og andre følsomme personer.
April 2015
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Latvian flag The Latvian edition

Publisher: Zvaigzne ABC
Title: Mīli sevi! Psihoterapeita ieteikumi īpaši jūtīgiem cilvēkiem
July, 2016
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Korean flag The Korean edition

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Publisher: Dasan Books
February, 2017

Greek flag The Greek edition

Summer 2019.
Publisher: BETA Medical Arts
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The Romanian edition

Publisher: Editura ASCENDENT
Title: Oameni sensibili intr-o lume insensibila.
Cum sa-ti creezi o viata fericita
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Januar 2020

Vietnamese flag The Vietnamese edition

Publisher: Thaihabooks Joint Stock Company
Title: Người nhạy cảm trong thế giới vô cảmJanuary 2021.
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The following editions are on the way but have not yet been released

Ukrainian flag The Ukrainian edition
Publisher: Alpina
More information will follow.

About the book

In the world of today it is prestigious to be strong; to have a lot of energy, a busy schedule, a large network and to be able to participate in many activities and party all night.

This book will be useful for those who, at times, feel that this ideal makes them feel flawed. It is written for highly sensitive people and other delicate souls who may be more painfully affected by their surroundings than others, but, who also have resources that they often do not realise themselves.

The book describes what it means to be delicate and sensitive, how it is experienced and how to make use of this sensitivity in positive ways in your life. It looks at how you can become better at setting boundaries and how to enjoy your aptitude for depth, intensity and presence.

At the back of the book you will find a self-test for sensitive people developed in Denmark. Also there is a list of activities which can help you promote and support your own wellbeing as a delicate soul.

The author of the book is a psychotherapist, theologist and former pastor. She herself is a highly sensitive person and has firsthand experience of feeling trapped among people who are able to live much busier lives than the highly sensitive person finds comfortable. She also knows how much joy it brings when you find ways to give space to and use your sensitive talents.

This book is also for psychotherapists, psychologists and other counsellors – as well as for relatives and friends of highly sensitive people.

Review of the book from the Danish magazine Psychology:

Are you tired of other people telling you not to take your life so seriously?

If you belong to the group of highly sensitive people, then it is actually okay to take things seriously. The book “Loving Yourself – a guide for highly sensitive people and other delicate souls” gives good concrete suggestions on how to look after your sensitivity in everyday life.

The message is, among other things that it is all right to live life slowly and insist on presence and depth – you do not have to excel, make an impact and always give a power performance.

Ilse Sand is herself a highly sensitive person and her points seem credible and relevant. A fine little easy-to-read book that can be an eye-opener and a helping hand for sensitive souls.

The magazine Psychology (Se the original version of the review in Danish here)

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